Why I Love Michael Cassidy


What is it about Michael Cassidy? He really seems to have a knack for creating characters that I like and for staring in the kinds of shows that become my favorites. On that basis alone he was probably going to become my favorite actor. Even if he wasn’t immensely talented and amazingly good-looking, I would probably love Michael Cassidy just because I would have so many positive associations whenever I saw him act in anything. Of course, he’s part of what made all of those shows so great in the first place, so this might be a chicken or the egg problem for me. It’s definitely the right sort of problem to have.

The O.C. was more or less Michael Cassidy’s breakout role, and I loved him in that. His character, Zach Stevens, really could have been nothing but a forgettable recurring character. Instead, Michael Cassidy managed to make him one of the best parts of the entire series. A lot of Smallville fans will probably remember Michael Cassidy from his role as Grant Gabriel, which was another memorable performance of his. Of course, it was only three years after his time on the O.C. that he managed to star in another one of my all-time favorite series: Privileged.

Obviously, Michael Cassidy’s looks are going to be a factor that I consider. However, one of the things that I like about his look is that he manages to straddle the line between a guy who looks like a normal every-man and a guy who’s exceptionally attractive. You’ll find pictures where he can really pass for either, and that just isn’t the case with a lot of other actors, especially these days. It feels like all actors are starting to look the same nowadays, as if they’re only casting people who fit into a very narrow template. That really isn’t the case for Michael Cassidy, who is very good-looking, but still manages to stand out from a pack of actors that have an extremely polished look that is utterly devoid of character. His is a face that you’re still going to remember, and I can’t say that about a lot of other actors.

A lot of casting directors still forget about the importance of charisma when it comes to their actors. An actor can be the hottest guy in the world, and if he has no charisma, he’s still going to practically be invisible to us within a few episodes of a show. This is even more important in television than it is in movies, since we have to spend so much more time getting to know a character in the setting of television. We can accept an action hero in a two-hour movie that’s kind of boring. Television is more about the characters, since we spend so much time with them, and a charismatic actor is a must. Michael Cassidy definitely manages to ooze charisma every single time that he’s onscreen, and he uses his down-to-earth good looks to his advantage all the while. I think he’s a terribly underrated actor, and he deserves to be as much of a household name as a lot of the other actors that are working today.