Which War Movies Are Realistic?

War movies aren’t really my cup of tea. I guess I’m way too squeamish when it comes to witnessing the horrors of war. After watching a war movie I get overwhelmed by disbelief about how people could do such things to each other over someone else’s ideals and ambitions. I don’t know, call me a hippie, if you will, but that’s just my state of mind.

Though, a few weeks ago a friend made me watch Black Hawk Down and after finishing it, she seemed rather unaffected by the whole ordeal, while I was in tears. When I asked her how she can be so unstirred, she just said that it can’t be real and that Hollywood tends to over-dramatize such movies, even if they’re based on true stories. So, I couldn’t just take her word for it after being so distressed and scoured the internet for information on the movie’s accuracy.

What I found out is that there are plenty of movies out there that get really close to how things actually happen in a state of war. Everything from the dynamic between soldiers to actual historical facts. In a really weird, masochistic turn of events, I ended up watching most of them and decided to share some here, so all of you war movie buffs can judge me about how mainstream my taste is.

Saving Private Ryan is an acclaimed classic when it comes to war movies, and my humble self can see why. What I saw in it was a heart-wrenching tale of camaraderie and dedication, but it also qualified as one of the more realistic war movies out there. Especially the Normandy landings.

Packed with visceral, intense action was The Hurt Locker. This movie’s honest depiction of the post-war problems, such as PTSD, that soldiers deal with is what really resonated with me, and pundits seemed to validate their accuracy.

Apocalypse Now. Ugh. I haven’t yet found a movie with a more fitting title. The absolutely grueling tribulation that this movie presented left me yearning for a shower. Though, I don’t need much of a reason to hop in the shower as often as I can since we installed that tankless water heater, a commodity they surely didn’t have back then in Vietnam.

So there you have it, those are my top three realistic war movies from the perspective of a person who usually doesn’t like them.