When I’m Rich

Hi, Danni here. I am blogging today, spewing forth actually, about a subject not so dear to my heart: housecleaning. Why you ask? Because today is, in fact, the day designated for such tasks. Would Michael Cassidy have such a day? No, emphatically no. He would have someone to do it for him. Do I have that someone? No, emphatically no.

I have a handy dandy vacuum cleaner, small and portable, just my size that I bought after reading some reviews and getting a recommendation from this site. I know how to operate it. But now it sits idly by, quiet as a mouse. I could say that neighbors complain about the noise it makes, but I won’t. That would be a lie. Truth be told, it is shiny new and practically unused. I could sell it on eBay at a pretty good price.

I just don’t have the mental or physical strength at the moment to tackle household cleaning. I have other things on my mind, better things, deeper things, worthwhile things. I suppose I will eventually succumb and turn the darn thing on, but not today.

Who made up the rule that you have to vacuum and clean once a week. How about once a month? I like that schedule. Imagine having the money to hire a regular maid. Imagine being rich. I can. I like the idea of delegating work to someone else so I can go fancy free about my business. When I’m rich, I can indulge my every need, especially those tedious tasks I do not like!

When I’m rich… I will buy the best groceries. I will feed expensive food to my cat. I will get a TV for every room in the house. When I’m rich, I will do what I want when I want, no schedule for me. When I’m rich I will travel afar, exploring the small corners of the world I have so far failed to see. When I’m rich I will have many friends and treat them to dinner and clubs.

When I am rich, life will know no bounds. I will be on top of the world, never at the bottom (with my vacuum cleaner because it’s where it belongs). I will be elated all the time, happy as a clam, worry free. When I am rich I will be well dressed in the latest styles with shoes royalty would covet. When I am rich, I will speak my mind, engage others, converse in depth, and wing it if need be.

When I am rich I will continue to daydream and make time pass in a second. I will encounter new people, go to new places, and experience new things. When I am rich I will be happy and content with no chores hanging over my head at any time. I will live in a dust-free realm as clean as can be with everything tidy and in its place. When I am rich, I will be myself as I was truly meant to be.