TV Show Cop Chic

There is a lot of lingo used on TV shows, especially cop crime drama. You learn a lot if you are a regular. I suppose most of them are based more or less on reality while they amp up characterization and the story development. Everything I know about guns and ammunition (ammo) comes from these shows. Certain weapons such as pistols are commonplace unless sniper action is required. Not much attention is paid to the holsters, which are generally of the iwb kind, but why not imagine what types each character would be sporting.

Iwb refers to inside waist band as opposed to the smaller holsters worn around the ankle or placed in the pocket, for example. In terms of lingo, cww refers to concealed weapon and owb to outside waist band. Each holster is unique so let’s apply it to imaginary TV lawmen. If you were on a show, what would you choose?

Cops no doubt, imaginary or not, have experimented with different holster models. Chic police have hip holsters, paddle holsters, fanny pack holsters, and the like. It depends on the particular handgun and where you want it placed: visible or not. Guns by Smith & Wesson, Glock, or Kimber will have their own requirements. If an iwb or owb is selected, the wearer will want a good, study gun belt to help hold the weight of the firearm and maintain it close to the body.

Let’s take a closer look. At random, I am surveying the Bianchi® Model 100T Tuckable Professional™. This baby lets a neatnik cop tuck in his or her shirt while carrying a handgun by using a patented C-clip design. This serves to envelop the belt while at the same time minimizing the space covered. Lower visibility results. The gun gets better concealment while the wearer stays neat and tidy.

Moving on, we find the Model 3S Pistol Pocket Inside Waistband Holster with an open muzzle design. It rides the inside of the waist for ideal concealment. Leather loving police like the handcrafted premium grade full grain cowhide, and who wouldn’t? There is a sturdy thumb snap closure on the belt, securing it to the waist. The belt look can be rotated to five locations so you have variety in the way you carry the gun. If a cop wants customization, this is a good choice. Plus, the reinforced tops allows for stay-open holstering.

You can opt for more or less adjustability or swivel, different fabrication materials, quick release, a thumb break design, cross draw positioning, and more. If you want compact concealment, why not opt for the Model 5379 GLS belt slide holster. It has a unique retention device such that the middle finger releases the gun. With a proper shooting grip, this finger will be sitting directly on the GLS lever. During the draw of the weapon, it is depressed. You get a smooth and straight-up draw. This all comes from a low profile, compact, and very utilitarian design. Re-holstering is a breeze.