Recognize that Car?

Hey everyone! Watch any good TV lately? I know I have! It got me to wondering: I am a fan of a few shows, and a big fan of a couple of shows. I am sure that you are, too. There are those shows that you just get completely addicted to; if you start watching it late, you have to binge the whole series up to that point. You never miss an episode, and if someone starts talking about the newest one without you having seen it, you’ve been known to run away with your fingers in your ears…ok maybe that last one is just me. But you know what I mean. Then there are superfans. You know them: they read the fan fiction, they interact with the cast on social media, they either run wiki pages or know people who do, they know where the chat rooms are and organize clever petitions to the network if their show is on the bubble… I definitely might be a fan like this of one or two shows.

And then…there are the rabid superfans. I’m not talking about the trolls who go online to blast people with differing opinions or the ones who just like to stir up trouble at conventions and the like. I am talking about the cosplay people, the ones who get plastic surgery to look more like their favorite character, and who buy up every piece of memorabilia no matter how trivial or expensive it is. One thing that I found out recently is there are people out there who will even transform their cars into something more like…Dean Winchester’s Impala, Herbie the beetle, the Mystery Mobile, or even the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard.

But how do people actually GET their cars to look like that? I mean, some shows are cartoons, so the cars aren’t real! Obviously you have to start with the same make and model (like the Impala or the General Lee) or a similar body type for cars that don’t actually exist. Then there are modifications that need to be made, because let’s face it, you can’t just buy a batmobile. So once you have the basic shape of the car down, the next thing you need is the right paint job, including any decorations that need to be made. I actually saw someone who owned a version of the Mach 5 once, and I asked the guy (because you know it was a guy, and you know he was dressed just like Speed Racer) who owned it how he got it to look so close to the original. He told me that it involved a lot of airbrushing. I had no idea what he was talking about, because the only thing I’ve ever known airbrushing to be is that thing people complain that they do to models on the covers of magazines. I think he thought I was really dumb, but very patiently explained that he had the best spray gun, and it allows him to convert paint into a mist that he can coat the car with. He was able to do the iconic red circle and number 5 design with the paint gun.

I am curious now–what about you? Where do you stand? Is that too far to go? Or, if money and time were no object, would you trade in whatever you’re driving to get an Audi with a custom paint job like in the Iron Man movies? Or a Batmobile? Or something else? Personally, I feel like I am one really good show away from being one of these people. But the show would have to be REALLY good. Or the car would have to be cheap to replicate…