Men At Work Is a Great Show

I like angst-ridden television as well as the next person, but sometimes it’s nice to kick back and just enjoy something that’s light hearted and fun. This show is definitely light hearted and fun, which makes it a breath of fresh air if you’re someone like me and you usually can’t get into comedies. A lot of comedies just aren’t that funny to me, especially because a lot of them tend to revolve around situations that I just find really hard to relate to, like domestic family life. I really can’t watch family sitcoms for that reason.

This show is different. I’d much rather see comedies that are actually focused on characters and their work. Much as the title suggests, this show definitely fits the bill. The four-guy ensemble is affable enough, and most viewers will probably manage to find someone to relate to in one way or another. I do wish there were more women on the show, but at least some of the male characters were accessible enough.

The Golden Age of Television is great and all, but not every single show has to be Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. I love those shows, but sometimes, it’s nice to alternate between those and something that feels like a throwback to the golden age of work comedies. I don’t think there is an official Golden Age of Work Comedies, but I’m going to say that the 1990s qualifies. This is a fun show to get into when you’re transitioning from one dramatic Golden Age show to the next, and you want some fun and nonthreatening filler in between.