Fun Friday Night

Our local second-run movie theater hosts outdoor movie nights in the summer. The tickets are super cheap because they don’t show any new releases but the films are always on the decent side. They project the movies on the side of the building and people bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit on. There is usually a theme to each night they do it, and they have little mini-marathons. It can be almost anything: sometimes it is family friendly, other times they do black and white classics, and every once in a while they have a great romantic date-night set. My friends and I caught on to this low budget summer entertainment source last year. We went twice last summer, once for John Hughes night and the other was a Twilight marathon. We had a good time at both and are definitely looking forward to attending some more this summer.

This past Friday was the summer movie kickoff. They were running a cheesy horror movie marathon. This was definitely one we didn’t want to miss out on. I can’t pass up a chance to watch Sharknado or one of the Final Destination flicks on a big screen with all my friends. Those movies are just plain old fun, regardless of what the critics think of them. I grabbed the old beach blanket I use for picnics so we had somewhere to sit. My friends and I all pooled our snack resources together so we had some treats to help us hang in for the long haul. It was surprisingly crowded when we got there but we were able to squeeze ourselves in somewhere with a pretty decent view of the screen.

The first movie was Sharknado, which was awesomely bad. I love the bit at the end with the chainsaw—I won’t say any more in case you’ve never seen it and want to. You really should, it is a perfect summer horror film if you want some laughs. It started to get a little chilly when it ended, and I was debating kicking everyone off my blanket so I could wrap myself up in it. But then the event organizers wheeled out a couple of space heaters—they said Delonghi on the side—that significantly warmed up anybody lucky enough to sit near them. I know this because we were one of the lucky ones. It made sitting through the second movie, Final Destination 3, much cozier. I know that sounds funny considering it is one of those movies where you can walk away thinking that every single character dies, but that heater was like a little sun right next to us. It wasn’t so bright that we had trouble seeing the screen, either. The last movie was an old school film, Evil Dead, but by that time, we’d had our fill and decided to leave.

I hear they are considering a Hunger Games marathon later this summer. I really hope so, that would be awesome!