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Our local second-run movie theater hosts outdoor movie nights in the summer. The tickets are super cheap because they don’t show any new releases but the films are always on…

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It is still winter in some parts of the world and the heat is being turned on most of the time. I hope not for long, however, as it sure…

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There is a lot of lingo used on TV shows, especially cop crime drama. You learn a lot if you are a regular. I suppose most of them are based…

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Hey everyone! Watch any good TV lately? I know I have! It got me to wondering: I am a fan of a few shows, and a big fan of a…

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I like angst-ridden television as well as the next person, but sometimes it’s nice to kick back and just enjoy something that’s light hearted and fun. This show is definitely…

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What is it about Michael Cassidy? He really seems to have a knack for creating characters that I like and for staring in the kinds of shows that become my…

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Hi, Danni here. I am blogging today, spewing forth actually, about a subject not so dear to my heart: housecleaning. Why you ask? Because today is, in fact, the day…

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