Adventures at the Service Station

I hate servicing my car, but it has to be done, and all too often. I know I will sit for hours staring at a TV, that is, if I am lucky. Most of the time there isn’t one at all. I then load up my backpack with what I will need for the next three hours including a bottle of water, snacks, and my trusty tablet. My cell phone won’t be far from my side of course. I have a few backpacks at the bottom of my closet from years gone by and just grab the first one I see. It is pretty grubby and well worn. Who cares if it looks good! I am not trying to impress anyone at college. Most students do. They have to wear the right clothes and shoes, and tote the appropriate, popular book bag. I am just on my own today with no one in sight. I can do what I want. So many college kids are copycats or sheep who follow the crowd. I like to think for myself.

As I sit idly in an uncomfortable chair at the service station, I am listening to some of my favorite music. That is the best way to pass the time. I get bored after a while. My mind starts to wander and I doze. Suddenly, I am dreaming that people are making fun of my backpack. I am not holding the “right brand.” The popular girls laugh and giggle at my primitive, unwieldy bag. A simple canvas bag attached to some flimsy leather shoulder straps was enough years ago. Today’s world demands more style, and expense, even if you are just carrying books and a laptop. The modern college student must have optimal organization, portability, and eye-catching appeal. Backpacks brand you as a certain kind of person who cares about your image, so you really should take the time to review sites such as before you buy. Those ubiquitous, annoying popular girls have Swissgear school bags that are highly-organized and well-constructed. The logo shouts out to the world that the owner of the bag is cool. And who doesn’t want to be remembered by this designation?

These girls show off the ideal laptop sleeve designed to perfectly house the average device. A tablet slips in right next to it in its own space. There is a breathable mesh back panel for looks, plus loads of assorted pockets for pens, keys, ID cards, and a mobile phone. Luxury comes in the form of quality fabric that will last for years. The bag cannot be pristine for too long. It has to age after freshman year. It must be ergonomically contoured of course. No wonder the girls made fun of my simple sack. The new look sits comfortably off the upper arm, with straps neatly adjacent to the shoulder. These study buddies make the girls look carefree and happy. A really special student has more than one.

I am going to stick with old reliable. It has a lot of life left in it.